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Don't work out. Work outside!

Flameleaf Farm is in season four and growing more than ever. We are cultivating ⅓ of an acre with human power and utmost respect for the soil and everyone who depends on it. We are small, but very motivated to see what we are capable of growing with such little land space. We use organic-approved practices. Without the use of machinery, we aim to protect the structure of the soil and reduce erosion. We think a lot about the microbes in the soil and how best to encourage them to thrive.


We offer you wages depending on experience, so many veggies, access to all our farming knowledge from the past 14 years, and an example of how to make a farm out of nothing. 


We are looking for someone who can work one to two days a week. Flexible on day.

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Desired Skills 

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Welcoming to kind critique and able to readjust. There is a lot to learn! 

Enthusiasm for efficiency.

Capable of bending and lifting.

Able to work in most weather conditions.

Ability to follow instructions and communicate effectively.

Farm experience is a plus, but not required.



As a field hand, the work is diverse and ever changing. You will be a part of most aspects of farming, including but not limited to:


Harvesting, washing and packing of produce

Seeding, planting, and weeding of crops

Shoveling and carting mulch and compost

Maybe doing Farmers Market

Building and taking down trellises 

Bed prep

Organic pest management

Eat all the veggies you can


Farming is maybe one of the most physically demanding jobs. Lots of lifting and carrying. Lots of stooping and bending. Working in all types of weather. It is also one of the most gratifying jobs too! You will nourish your body the old fashioned way and have a positive impact in your community. If you think you will love this type of work, give us an email! 

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